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                                     Our Practice
King and Associates Physical Therapy, Inc. has three offices to serve the York and Northern Maryland region. We have been in business for over 25 years and provide multiple outpatient services to orthopedic, post-surgical conditions, sport, industrial, arthritic, ambulatory level, and neurological patients. In our present healthcare environment, we strive to provide a professional and caring setting, utilizing our expertise to maximize functional outcomes with a service oriented approach.
Physical Therapists will evaluate and implement your rehabilitation program. P.T.’s have completed a minimum five year college accredited P.T. program associated with a university medical school. In addition, several weeks of internships in orthopedics, general and rehabilitative settings have been completed, followed by a licensing exam. P.T.A.’s may assist with your treatment program and also are licensed in Pennsylvania.
We see patients needing professional treatment for injuries related to work, accidents, hand or sports injuries, and post-surgery. Pediatric evaluation, OB-Gyn orthopedic evaluation and treatment are available at all locations. We provide professional, individualized treatment programs to maximize rehabilitation outcomes in a reasonable time period.

Benefits of choosing King & Associates Physical Therapy:

  1. Personalized care with One-on-One attention 

  2. Highest Quality of Care

  3. Over 30 years of experience



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